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I probably won’t come to your party, but I promise I’m still worth getting to know!

My name is Corrie Alexander, and I’m a thirty-something Canuck living in Ontario.

I’m what you’d recognize as a textbook homebody. I work from home. I eat at home. I exercise at home. I seldom leave the house save for exercise and errands.

And that was before quarantining was cool.

Goodbye workout splits, hello functional fitness!

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I’m not just a fitness nut, I’m a fitness dork. Not only do I enjoy working out and eating healthy, but I love digging into the science behind fitness and I’m always tweaking my regime in a never-ending quest to optimize my health.

Last month, I ditched high-intensity workouts for…

Satisfying foods that help boost metabolic flexibility

(Image by author) My low-carb bakes!

God knows I love my carbs. Whole grain bread, oatmeal, dates, and rice are staples in my house. And of course, I indulge in the odd refined carb for pleasure, like a slice of cake or Hawaiian pizza. (Yes, I’m in the pineapples-on-pizza club.)

Carbs, when managed correctly, are a…

These methods offer more insight into your progress and can help you optimize your fitness strategy

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One thing that disheartens me is when people obsess about their weight when tracking their weight loss progress. It’s problematic because they usually have a goal number in mind, and if the scale shows anything higher than that number, they feel like their fitness efforts aren’t working.

I used to…

When more isn’t always better

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For the past few years, I’ve been obsessed with high-intensity exercise— particularly metabolic training, which both skyrockets your heart rate and builds strength during short but intense, all-out workouts.

And you can’t really blame me because it works like crazy!

For example, metabolic training was responsible for helping me lose…

Chances are you’ve never factored in these sneaky saboteurs

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While it’s tempting to pare your weight loss strategy down to eating less and moving more, it’s important to realize that your body is a complex organism. It’s constantly reacting to everything that’s happening to it and around it.

So if you feel like you’re doing everything right but aren’t…

Corrie Alexander

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